A budding entrepreneur! Mohanapriya’s success is a fight beyond disabilities. Passion, dedication and commitment leads to sustainability.

There are many stories about the impact of the war and the after effects on the psychological and psychosocial functioning of the youth victims, and a 23-year-old Nathan Mohanapriya, a bright youth, from Vannerikulam town, a rural area in Kilinochchi district, is no exception.

Mohanapriya had lost her leg below her knee during the war time and lost her parents too. Being the youngest of a seven-member family, tackling life became an everyday hurdle after losing her eldest brother also during the war in the Vanni, Sri Lanka.

A budding entrepreneur!, Mohanapriya


During their displacement in 2009, the demand to meet her family needs was more important than grieving for the loss and the support from her siblings was not sufficient. She also had to support a brother who was a victim of psychological downpour and dependent on her. For Mohanapriya, this was a dire situation to support herself with a disability and family responsibilities. But Mohanapriya was determined to change this; in the most positive way, one step at a time. She decided to approach OMI peace hands. OMI works among poor and war affected people in Sri Lanka. With LBR Foundation and OMI’s support, a prosthetic leg was fixed. That paved the way to a promising future!

“I was determined to get an artificial leg fit to my damaged leg, so I went to OMI peace hands to see if they can help me. They were good enough to help me to fix the leg”.

LBR Foundation and OMI was keen to take this to this further. Recognizing her talent and keen interest in leather products, LBR and OMI provided her sewing materials to start a business. Thus, this budding entrepreneur came into existence! The goodness continues. LBR Wellness Center at Mankulam, also gave her a workspace. With these opportunities, Mohanapriya became successful till date, and is supporting her siblings. The stitched school bags, travel bags etc. that she sells is not only her income for today, but a SUSTAINABILITY that the support provided by LBR and OMI partnership has created.

“I am able to earn around Rs 10,000 to Rs 18,000 monthly because of this venture. I would have been depressed and would have carried the label of “disabled” if LBR and OMI didn’t come forward to support me and helped promote my talents. Therefore, I am very grateful for their inputs and the services provided for me. I wish that LBR and OMI would continue to help youth with disabilities like me.”